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is bob working on a new buid? the current one is quite old isn't it, my question, is it possible to manually update the tools? like using the ones on sergei strelec and replacing the ones on bobs release with them?


  • Hey Omne, 

    Yes, Bob is working on a new build, sorry for the delay in the release. 

    This has been a requested feature (by myself, and others) to have an update tool to only update changed files between them, one which Bob said he would look into, but unfortunately is not of high priority as it doesn't take too long to completely re-image the drive. 

    I personally have a folder all set up, with the additional tools, drivers and the autoexec file ready to go for whenever I add new USB's into use. 
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    u mean u are using a folder that u can update at will and it will create a new stick each time u run the tool?
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