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Veeam Agent for Windows - Restore
« on: March 12, 2019, 01:32:28 am »
Hey Bob,

Thanks again for your fantastic work on this project.

I have a request to integrate Veeam Agent for Windows Restore Option. Background is that we use Veeam Agent for Windows, which is an amzing free of charge application to backup PCs. However, to do a file level restore you need to have a machine with a full install of the application. There is a command line tool which allows to restore a full volume to a vhd, however, there are often situations in which we need a single or just multiple files. The command line extract tool also does not allow to restore from specific delta backups, but only full backups.

When I try to install veeam agent under PE, I run into an issue with one of the prerequisites, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Management Objects. It fails with error, which implies an issue with visual c++ runtimes. I tried all the options PE provides during build, nothing helps. Would you be able to take a look? Running an install under PE from the source files would be OK already, no full integration needed (as it installs a SQL Server, it would be tricky anyway I guess). I attached 2 screenshots. One of the error, one of the tool loaded and the option to run file restore from tray icon)

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