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Author Topic: is there any project url available to download Bob.Omb's Modified Win10PEx64 v4.  (Read 1329 times)


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few days ago i tried Bob.Omb's Modified Win10PEx64 v4. and very much impressed by it.
Many thanks to  Bob.Omb's to make it available free to public.

But i wanted it to boot this from PXE through windows server WDS. But this project is designed for USB devices and perfectly working from usb. so i am thinking to create another build (i am just entry level to this, just inspired by Bob.Omb) and save all programs in RAM. so all programs will be saved in "boot.wim" file (I think Ram is not a issue , now i think everyone having minimum 4gb Ram) so i can boot it from PXE through network.

Now i don't have much knowledge( just having a strong desire  inspired by Bob.Omb) and no  plugins to do it.
it will be very grateful, if you shared  project url for  ob.Omb's Modified Win10PEx64 v4 to download in WIN10PESE. I tried few projects already available in below screenshot, but those are very old and not supporting 1809 version :'( :'(

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    • View Profile has no association whatsoever with my pre-made release.. They would not approve of it on their forum.. I am simply using one of their projects to create my bootable ISO (Win10PESE).  Recently I have been able to contribute to their forum, in the form of fixes for the base/vanilla build.  Many people there are capable of adding the fixes but it is tedious work with tons of testing and time involved. I merely volunteered my time/effort to help keep the PESE project alive as ChrisR has moved on to Win10XPE (Which is also available @ - I am a special guest contributor but it is not my site and they have no input on the content of my build other than getting the base/vanilla components working.

It is great to hear that you are interested in creating your own build  ;)

I have only been working with these projects about 1.5years - I knew nothing about them whatsoever before I started, just general computer knowledge and persistence..  Any one of you can easily make a better build than me with a little time and effort, especially easily with the new updates available in the Win10PESE project.


In the left pane select Utils>Update Win10PESE (Exact and Secure)

The UNcheck the box to preserve plugin settings..

Then click the Update (Download + Copy) button


When completed, Select the Config source plugin at the top of the Win10 project, point it at the folder you extracted your 1809 windows install media to, then click the Set Source button


Then click the big blue play button at the top of the builder


This will get you a working base build of Win10PESE - Then you can browse the plugin forum @ TheOven for more plugins or make your own new plugins for whatever software you like..
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