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Author Topic: Thanks for keeping Wn10PE alive  (Read 4183 times)


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Thanks for keeping Wn10PE alive
« on: November 09, 2018, 03:36:01 am »
Hi Bob,

not sure if I am breaking any rules by posting this message here (just in case please delete ;), but I did want to miss the oppertunity to say thanks for keeping Win10PE alive and making it compatible with 1809. I just dont have the time currently to convert my plugins to make them all compatible to Win10XPE currently, so I was very happy when I saw you provided the Win10PE Extended support. I found this project just by chance. I understand this is all very time intensive, so thanks again for all you do for all the others out there. I really like some tweaks you added lately (like the "external" start menu for example). Works perfect for me!